Broken Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacements In Seminole County

One of the most common issues you might run into with your garage door is the need for a spring replacement. However, it can be a tricky (and sometimes dangerous) repair to do on your own, which is why we recommend you call in the experts at H&H Garage Doors to make sure the job is done safely and properly. Since we have over 15 years of providing safe, high-quality garage door spring repairs, we will make sure that the proper spring types are used to ensure a quick, safe, and long-lasting repair.

What should I know about garage door spring replacements?

In most cases, a complete replacement will be necessary, as springs usually work fine until they break and completely fail. Since the springs are part of the garage door, making it easier to raise and lower the door, all that lifting weakens the metal over time. Depending on the type of spring, this will affect the process. If you think a spring has broken, never disconnect the opener from the door, because it could cause the door to come crashing down with nothing stopping it. As garage doors can weigh several hundred pounds, this can easily become a dangerous situation. Never leave the door open once a spring is broken — give us a call immediately to get the job done safely!

Our garage door spring repairs and replacements

The team at H&H Garage Doors can repair and replace all the types of springs your garage door may have, including:

  • Torsion springs
  • Extension springs
  • Corrosion-free springs

Most residential garage doors have one of the first two, but we can also provide repairs for corrosion-free springs if your residential or commercial garage door uses those. Throughout the installation procedure, we will take all necessary safety precautions, and we will conduct a safety test to make sure your springs are functioning safely afterward. For your free quote or to book an appointment with us today in Lake Mary or anywhere in Seminole County, call us at (407) 995-6551!

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Garage Door Spring Repairs in Lake Mary, FL


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