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FAQ About Garage Doors in the Greater Orlando Area

H&H Garage Doors Answers Your FAQ

H&H Garage Doors is the Greater Orlando Area’s leading provider of high-quality garage door services, repairs, and installations. With nearly two decades’ worth of experience, our team can adeptly address any issues with your garage door, its opener, or its technical components, while also providing any necessary maintenance. We can ensure your garage door runs perfectly and looks amazing regardless of its size or your budget. Check out answers to frequently asked questions below or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

H&H Garage Doors is a fully licensed and insured garage door contractor in Seminole County, and we have nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. We carry a vast inventory of top-quality aluminum, wood, and composite doors and openers to fit any style of home or business, and we offer very competitive pricing. We stand behind all our work with rock-solid parts and a labor warranty. Contact us today for a free estimate.

To select the ideal garage door for your Seminole County, FL home, you must consider style, material, and installation. H&H Garage Doors can handle the installation seamlessly, but you must decide how you want it to look and what you want it to comprise. Our team of experts can help you determine what is best for your home, so take advantage of our expertise when making your selection.

We offer a wide range of residential and commercial garage doors, many of which can be painted or powder-coated. All our doors come with a manual that indicates specific instructions for customization, and we can easily answer your questions or suggest a door based on your needs and budget.

Depending on your garage door’s material, you may paint it to match your home’s style and aesthetic. We do not suggest painting vinyl garage door material, but it is entirely appropriate to paint wood, steel, or other types of metal with weather-resistant paint. However, prior to painting, it is essential that you clean your garage door with a mild soap, apply primer, and allow it to dry for a full day.

H&H Garage Doors recommends window installation only on the top panels of your garage doors. If windows are an element that you need, we can help you select a door that already has windows or customize an option for your home.

Yes. As part of our comprehensive garage door installation service, we will expertly remove and responsibly recycle or repurpose your old garage door.

H&H Garage Doors offers a wide range of garage door services for both homeowners and business owners in Seminole County. Our services include garage door and garage opener sales, installation services, and expert repairs. We are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind, and we guarantee all our work.

Garage and garage door insulation can significantly increase energy efficiency and comfort levels in your garage. If you use your garage as an extension of your home or as a workspace, proper insulation can help keep you cool during the hot Florida summer. Furthermore, garage insulation has benefits related to the temperature levels in adjacent rooms of your home. There will be less heat transfer, thus a more consistent, comfortable temperature.

Your garage door generally relies on electricity to function. Therefore, if your power goes out, you will not be able to readily open or close it without a battery backup. However, you will be able to enter or exit your home by manually lifting your garage door. To do so, you will need to disconnect the cord from its opener by pulling an emergency release cord. This will release the door from its trolley and allow you to lift it manually. Feel free to ask our technicians for more information about how to do this.

You should seek regular garage door maintenance from H&H Garage Doors at least once a year. Do not wait for something to go wrong before giving us a call. Let us monitor your garage door’s mechanics so that we can catch small issues before they worsen. We can ensure all bolts and screws are tight, all mechanical parts are lubricated, and the system is running smoothly.

If your garage door is unbalanced, you may notice improper functionality when you raise or lower it. Our technicians can help ensure your garage door is balanced, but be wary of warning signs that it is not. Your garage door may be unbalanced if it is not straight when it opens or closes, if it makes odd noises, or if it is slower than usual. Quick repairs are necessary to avoid significant damage to rollers, springs, and tracks.

A garage door can become defective or malfunction for a variety of reasons. Almost all repairs require the service of a professional technician. Garage door spring repair is especially dangerous to try on your own. And when you need new parts, you want to be able to rely on a team with ample access to garage door products. Even with a knowledgeable understanding of the garage door system, the chances that you will find the perfect replacement part are slim. We carry a huge inventory of premium garage door components, and we can quickly and safely restore your door for a very reasonable price.

Our rates vary depending on the door, the job, and the replacement components needed to ensure your system is working correctly. However, we offer free estimates that are accurate and competitive.

There are several reasons why your garage door may be making strange noises. In some cases, your opener or garage door motor may be faulty. In other instances, the door itself may be slipping off its track. No matter the reason for your garage door issues, you can rely on our team of licensed technicians to accurately diagnose and resolve the problem for a fair price.

Our team of licensed and insured contractors has nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, and we have expertise with all makes and models of garage door systems, both residential and commercial. We never employ subcontractors, and we stand behind all our work with a rock-solid warranty on parts and services. Contact us today to learn how we can best serve you.

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