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We are H&H Garage Doors, a seasoned team of experts offering garage door services in Orlando, FL. Over the years, we’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills in handling commercial and residential garage doors. From new garage door installations to complex repairs, we’ve become a trusted name in our community and beyond.

Chain Drive is louder and more robust, perfect for heavy garage doors, whereas Belt Drive is quieter and suitable for garage doors near living spaces.

Misaligned safety sensors, remote control issues, or a problem with the opener could cause your garage door to open by itself.

Obstruction in the track, misalignment, or limit switch issues can cause your garage door to bounce back up.

Faulty safety sensors, incorrect limit settings, or worn-out springs could cause a garage door to bounce back.

A garage door not staying down could be due to problems with the safety sensors, limit settings, or worn-out springs.

Issues with the opener’s settings or problems with the torsion springs could cause your garage door to only open a little.

This could be a symptom of an issue with the safety sensors or the opener, which our team can tackle efficiently.

We take pride in our ability to repair most garage door problems on the first visit. Our technicians arrive fully equipped with all the necessary parts and tools for overhead garage door repair and other garage door service and repairs.

A noisy garage door can be due to a mechanical problem or lack of lubrication.

If your garage door is making loud noises, it could be due to loose or worn-out parts. Our garage door service and repairs include inspecting and fixing these issues to minimize noise and ensure optimal operation.

If your garage door doesn’t open, it could be due to a broken spring, a problem with the opener, or an obstruction in the tracks. We can quickly identify and solve the issue as part of our garage door service and repairs.

Choosing the right door involves considering factors such as the material, style, insulation, and security features. Whether you’re looking for a new garage door or an overhead garage door opener, we can guide you in making the right choice for your home or business.

Painting your garage door based on the specific model and material can be a great way to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Yes, painting your garage door is often possible and depends on the garage door material and the manufacturer’s instructions.

Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your garage door. As a rule of thumb, we recommend a professional residential garage door service or commercial garage door service at least once a year.

At H&H Garage Doors, our team of seasoned experts has more than 17 years of combined experience. We’ve handled everything from new subdivision installations to managing services in the Central Florida area.

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Our 17 years of combined experience in residential garage door service and commercial garage door service speaks volumes about our commitment to providing top-quality solutions. We’ve handled thousands of new garage door installations and repairs, equipping us with the skills to handle any garage door challenge. We’re ready to handle all your garage door needs, from new installations to comprehensive repairs. Get in touch with us today for prompt and reliable service.

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